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|q| - Business&Investments

Learn how to set up your own business or get advice

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This is how advertising works

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People who have donated the most


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Richest People in the Philippines is still dominated by the Chinese. Does this translate to Filipinos dosen't want to be business leaders? Are they content on being workers?

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Must read!


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SEC Advisory


Aren't those companies have sister companies who does the same thing? We should really be cautious with all these networking companies.


Just remember that if it is too good to be true, then it is not true.

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From FB

Mga Mahal kong Ka-FB, ito po ang aking explanation kung bakit nasabi ko man na, "I don't like to join ANY INVESTMENT WITH MONEY INVOLVED ONLINE especially EMGOLDEX because not my type to earn a huge amount of money by making white lies in order to win some people's trust for a vested interests", dahil po iyan ay sarili kong pag-unawa at analisa sa bagay na iniimbita sakin at hindi para lang i-discourage ang iba…

QUESTION : Paano mo ba mababawi ang pera mong 36k kapag nag-invest ka sa EMGOLDEX at magiging 180k kapag nakuha mo ito…

1) Sa isang table na papasukin mo, (see attached table chart) para maka-usad ka, need mong maka-recruit ng 2 persons. Yung 2 persons na naipasok mo, need din nilang mag-recruit ng tig-dalawang katao para maka-usad sila. Ganyan ang sistema hanggang mapuno yang table mo na binubuo ng 14 katao na naipasok ng mga taong na-recruit mo kaya naman nasa unahan ka na waiting for exit at pay-out…

2) Saan ka ba kikita? Dahil nabuo na yung table mo with 14 persons, nasa unahan ka na at ang total ng perang naipasok mo ay 504k (14 persons x 36k), dahil mag-exit ka na sa pagpasok ng new client again, mapupunta sa'yo ang 180k, then yung remaining na 324k (504k-180k) ay sa EMGOLDEX mismo mapupunta. Suma-total, 540k ang ipasok para kikita ng 180k ang nasa unahan. Sa Isang mag-exit, 14 katao ang naka-tingga. Isipin mo, yung kinita mong 180k ay galing sa 14 kataong na-recruit mo, at para din kikita sila kelangan nilang mag-recruit ng 14 katao. Paano kung ang 14 katao na yan ay hindi na makaka-exit, kawawa naman sila. Huwag mong sabihin na wala kang kasalanan diyan kahit pa naka-exit yung dalawang na-recruit mo, paano yung na-recruit nila at yung sumunod pa. Tandaan mo, wala sila sa table na yan kung hindi ikaw at ang nauna sayo ang pasimuno…

P.S. Kaibigan, kung talagang yayaman ka diyan, bakit hindi na lang ang buong pamilya mo ang ipapasok mo para wala ka ng ibang masasaktan kung biglang nawala yang pasimuno sa Table na pinasukan mo. Para naman kayo kayo na lang ang magbolahan at maglokohan dahil kayo kayo lang din ang makikinabang sa yaman na yan.Peace be with you.

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They all start the same way but only some make it to the top.

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Which one is more better in terms of future success?
Is there anyone here who prefer running a business instead of securing a job? I'm not talking about MLM businesses. I'm talking about legit businesses like stores, shops, etc.
Anyone here have success or failure business stories, experience, techniques, strategies might want to share?

Pic not related
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Just left the corporate world to start a business. No experience yet so I would be happy if someone shares their insights here.


share ko lang po mga sir,3 motor,isang van at saka insurance naming mag-asawa at 70+units yan po ang bunga ng pisonet business para sa amin..timer po kami ng nagsimula 4 units pa lang po,iniwanan kami ng tomer namin nung may nagtayo ng pisonet malapit sa amin kaya po napilityan kaming mag pisonet na rin ta pinalago namin hanggang sa naging 70+ na po units namin


>1 van
>3 motor
> +70 units
Ilang years bago kayo naka bili ng mga yan?
san lugar kayo nag start ng business nyo?

Yung comp shop (timer) business kasi namin eh 5 years nang nag ooperate pero 2 units lang ang nadagdag samin.

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my cousins back home have started inundating their fb timelines with posts about their Royale Wellness business. The tone of the posts seems so religious and cult like in my cousins' dedication to and belief in what Royale can do. And any text given by the company sounds so convoluted and vague that I can't help but think it's a scam? Has anyone looked into this themselves or know someone who's bought in?

On that note- it seems a lot of members of the Filipino community here in North America and also back home are so susceptible to MLM and pyramid scams. Maybe our tightly knit, trusting communities makes us vulnerable? Any thoughts?
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I see 3 people in my FB feed who has joined Royale, 1 is a housewife and 2 girls that didn't show much promise back in high school. They would preach about their sure fire way of success which is: Royale, Faith in God, Sipag at Tiyaga. From where I stand, that does not sound right. I now have a decent job, and my formula was: Get a college degree + sipag at tiyaga. But who am I to say that I have a better tip for success when a lot of college degree holder in Pinas are unemployed or severely under employed?


Tsk tsk baka yung mga independent distributors ng royale ma tax evasion din hindi naman registered karamihan sa bir dti yung mga yun


>Ok "open minded" people here, what's your stand on this video?

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10 of the most ridiculous marketing techniques of "Networkers"

What is a "Networker"?

A networker is a member of one of the most promising business (According to other networkers) that involves product selling and recruitment of other people to a company. There are many types of networkers but they belong to a same concept marketing business also known as "Pyramid Scheme"
Pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants of payment and services if you enroll other participants into the scheme.

Simply, it goes like this

You enroll (Commonly, it costs 8 thousand pesos here in PH) and get more people to participate in the scheme under your name, when you recruit, you get some percent from the payments of new participants. And participants you enroll will do the same things and if you are on the top of the pyramid, you get the most slice of payments from people under you.

It sounds like a dream but it has its own flaws.
The most common in the Philippines is MLM, unlike networking, MLM gives you products that they say is "What you are paying for". With the price of 8k (Most common enrollment fee) you get to have products that cost the same amount that you paid (Which they say you can sell to earn back your capital).

But most MLM members doesn't focus on product selling, they are more focused on the revenue from recruiting other members. It's exactly like Pyramid scheme but they look more legit because of the product.
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The next sentence you’re about to read is completely true, even though you might not believe it. There’s a woman who made $4.9 MILLION dollars last year by recording herself opening Disney toys, and then uploading the videos to YouTube. Absolutely crazy, but true.

Open Slate, a video analytics platform, crunched last year’s numbers and made a list of the highest-earning YouTube channels, based on ad revenue. Taylor Swift’s channel and MovieClips Trailers made the top ten. But topping the list with the most cha-ching, was DC Toy Collector, a channel that features a mysterious woman, known only by her hands, opening boxes of toys (most of them Disney-related.)

Since this news was released, media outlets have been scrambling to identify this genius woman. Buzzfeed suggested she may be a 43-year-old Florida-based Disney collector, while the New York Times singled out a 21-year-old New Yorker. Still, the mogul’s identity has not been confirmed.

What we do know is that she uploads about one video per day, and that her highest performing video (over 178 million views!) involved her opening a box of Frozen-themed Play Doh. We also know she likes cool nail art.

So how does one make bank on YouTube in the first place? First you have to verify your account to join the YouTube Partner Program, a revenue-sharing program based on ads that play before your video. The more viewers you rack up on your videos, the more you make. It’s a little more complicated than that. (More monetization details here, for you whipper-snappers.) Basically, the more videos you have, with the more sponsored ads playing before them, combined with a ton of views, equals a whole lot of money.

For those in the know, none of this is breaking news. What is pretty shocking, however, is how profitable “unboxing” videos really are.

What’s unboxing, you ask? It’s a video of a package being opened, while the contents are described — literally, someone unboxes an item, and, often, reviews it. It’s actually a pretty big thing on YouTube right now, and you can watch everything from video game consoles to shoes being unboxed. But unboxing Disney-related toys? People REALLY want to see that.

The biggest draw for these videos doesn’t lie with people looking to kill time on the Internet (read: procrastinate). Instead, the channel’s main viewers comes from parents and children looking for videos of toys online. It’s a new way to be a savvy consumer Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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So what now? By 2015, ayosdito.ph will redirect to olx.ph. Since nung nawala ang sulit.com.ph sa ayosdito.ph na ako nag popost ng ads dahil mas simple ang interface at pinoy ang dating.

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